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Getting a new roof is one of the biggest decisions that homeowners make about their home. There is a lot to consider when getting a new roof: the cost of the roof, financing options, timeframe, the right fit, and hiring the right roofing contractor to do the job. Cost is one of the biggest variables that homeowners take into consideration when replacing their roof. Above all, it's the most stressful part. Keep in mind that not all roofs are made the same. Likewise, not all roofers charge the same prices. Our experts at Castle Roofing Group Castle Roofing Group share their advice on financing a new roof.

What Are The Cost Factors for Roof Replacement?

There are several variables that roofing contractors use to determine the price of a new roof. The factors of pricing a roof include size, pitch, accessibility, labor and cost of materials. Due to these factors, the range of pricing can vary considerably. However, the largest factor is the size of the roof, as roofer's charge per roofing square. One roofing square is 10-by-10-foot. A roof that is 3,000 square feet, it’s broken down into 30 squares. Most homeowners spent between $5,133 - $10,029 to install a roof. The average cost is $7,533. We will break down each of the cost factors below.

Does Pitch or Slope Affect Price of a New Roof?

A roof design that is more complex could require extra materials. Likewise, contractors charge more for installing shingles to complex roof designs. A Roof's pitch, or slope is a variable in its pricing. Home roofs can come in a high pitch, low pitch or no pitch at all. The type of roof pitch your home has affects that cost of the roofing project. One way that we calculate the cost of the roof is through a roof’s ratio e.g. 7:12. The first number represents the height and the second represents the length. For instance, a roof with a 7:12 ratio means that for every 12 inches it runs horizontally, it rises 7 inches vertically. A roof ratio of 7:12 or higher is considered a steep roof. A contractor would have to charge more, as the work goes a lot slower.

What Does Accessibility Mean?

Another factor to how much a new roof costs is accessibility. Your roof needs to be easily accessible so the team at Castle Roofing can get on there. There needs to be enough room for a truck to back up against the house. If there isn’t the space, our team would need to carry the materials, which increases labor costs.

How Much Is Labor Factored In the Cost of a New Roof?

Many homeowners assume that the cost they pay is for the product- getting a new roof. The cost of labor is adding into the cost of your new roof. This typically breaks into 40-60% labor.

How Much Will Roof Materials Cost?

Roof materials have their differences in pricing and style. The type of materials that you select for your new roof. The materials for new roofs can cost somewhere between $100 per square to $1000 per square. The type of roofing you use will greatly influence the rate for rehinging your home. Different types have their own unique pros, cons and prices. This also depends on the type of material you choose.

Types of Roofing Materials

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