2023 Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors

When installing a new roof for your house, you should select a high-quality roofing material in addition to a roof color that will complement your house style. With so many alternatives available, this may be a difficult task. Changing your roof color is not as easy and inexpensive as changing the color of your home’s exterior paint. The proper roof color can draw attention to your home, increasing its curb appeal and overall resale value.

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When selecting a roof color for your home, consider the surrounding neighborhood, the local climate, the design and size of the property, and if it matches the color of your house. You don’t want your house to stand out because it doesn’t mix in with the rest of the neighborhood. At Castle Roofing Group we have plenty of experience advising clients on shingle color choices so you can be fully satisfied with your roof shingle colors.

What is the most ideal roofing color?

The easiest method to choose a roof shingle color is to complement it with the color of your siding. Color warmth is a fundamental aspect of roof shingle color combination. Warm colored shingles are frequently used with warm siding or external wall paint, and cooler colors with cool sidings or external wall paint. When choosing a shingle color, choose one that is darker than your wall color. There’s an exception to this rule if you live in tropical areas, where you would probably choose lighter colors for your roof to reduce heat absorption. Additionally, lighter colors make properties appear larger, whilst darker colors make them appear smaller.

You want to create contrast when choosing your roof color. For a white exterior we recommend creating a contrast with black, dark gray, dark blue, or green colors. For a gray exterior, try light blue, light green, white, or play it safe with dark colors such as black, dark blue, dark green, or a dark gray. For a brown exterior, greens, blues, blacks, grays or any shade of brown will pair nicely. For a red exterior, black, dark brown, dark green, and dark gray are recommended. If you have a beige or tan exterior, your best choice is dark brown. Dark blue or dark green will work too.

What is the most energy efficient roof color?

White roofs are the most energy efficient. White shingles reflect the sun’s rays, allowing them to stay cooler. Dark shingles absorb heat, causing the temperature of the roof to go up. Roofs with lighter colors are a good choice if you live in warmer climates and they can save you up to 20% on air-conditioning costs during the summer months. You can also reduce your energy bill by painting your roof with reflective paint. This will reduce the temperature inside your house by up to 40%. Invest in the lifespan of your roof by selecting colors that will not fade fast and will endure the test of time, and hire a professional, reputable roofing company.

Are black roofs out of style?

Regarding the question of whether black roofs are currently unfashionable, it’s important to note that neutral shades, including white, gray, and black, remain timeless and versatile choices that can enhance your home’s resale value. For those considering a classic black roof, there are sophisticated options available that incorporate a mixture of hues, offering an elegant alternative to a solid black finish. These selections can create a distinctive and stylish appearance, seamlessly complementing various exterior paint colors.

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Castle Roofing Group is an Orlando roofing company dedicated to serving our customers with fair estimates and step-by-step guidance in selecting the right roofing materials and color for your home. We have serviced Orlando, Apopka, Winter Park, Clermont, DeLand, Sanford, The Villages, Kissimmee and Davenport for new roof installation since 2012. To schedule a free roofing estimate, book an appointment online or call us at (407) 477-2823.

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