How to find roof damage after a storm or hurricane

If you live in Florida, you know you’ll experience heavy rain, storms, and wind. This means you’ll definitely have to prepare yourself for the hurricane season every year. Even though extreme hurricanes don’t happen often, when they do hit, the biggest threat to your home is roof damage. One of the main concerns regarding your home is making sure your roof can withstand a hurricane.  We recommend a roof inspection twice a year.

Heavy rain, hail, or wind can damage your roof’s shingles, gutters, flashings, or other parts that you may not be able to properly examine by yourself from ground level. After a big storm, we recommend scheduling a free inspection with your roofing contractors and letting a professional inspect your roof and assess the damages.

Orlando roofing company

A roof in good condition will protect your property against the elements, mainly water damage. To find a good roofing company, we recommend checking customer reviews online, requesting recommendations from friends and neighbors, asking as many questions as you need, and selecting an experienced, licensed, and insured company. Be sure to hire a local company that can offer a materials and workmanship warranty, and will be able to back it up effectively. Check that they excel with communication, timeliness, and honesty and that they will treat you and your property with care.  

Signs of Storm Damage to Roof

To protect your roof before a storm, look for loose shingles, remove any debris, and install hurricane straps to hold it in place. Additionally, schedule a professional inspection and keep the report that will be useful evidence for a future insurance claim.

After a storm or hurricane, look for curled, dented, flapping, or missing shingles; check for lifted or absent flashings, and dents on your roof vents; check for any broken or clogged gutters; search for pieces of your roof outside, fallen tree branches, or any damage to your yard; these are all warning signs of roof damage. Inside your house, look for water leaks, visible sunlight in the attic, watermarks, or stains on walls and ceilings.

What to do if your roof is damaged in a storm?

Take photos and videos to document the severity of your home’s damage. Contact your local roofer for a professional inspection. Get a detailed quote for the job so you can repair or replace your roof. If only a small part of your roof has been damaged, a roof repair will be the most cost-effective solution.  Save the roofing report as this will be valuable for your future insurance claim.

Call your insurance company, they’ll send an adjuster to value the damage so you can file a claim. Keep interaction records with your insurance company by communicating via email. Make sure you notify your insurance company of any additional damage you discover after the adjuster’s visit. If you gather sufficient proof that your roof was damaged due to the storm or hurricane you will be able to get your claim.

Free Roof Inspection 

Castle Roofing Group is your local Orlando roofer. We are known for our fair pricing and excellent roof work and offer one of the best financing rates for new roof installations in the area. We are a trusted Orlando roofing company providing the highest quality for new roof installation since 2012. Contact us today for a free estimate online or at (407) 477-2823.

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